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Exercise on intimacy

Exercise on intimacy is a sound installation proposal that stems from my personal fascination about the concept of intimacy and its relation to our physical and mental space.

Sound Installation

Concept proposal

V2 Summer Residency

Rotterdam, NL

May 2017

The proposed sound installation allows the visitor to interact with the exhibition space (almost absurdly) differently that on a normal basis. 

The sound pieces would consist of a variety of soundscapes recorded in a home environment. Some of the sounds will be presented as raw, interior subtle architectural sounds. Some other sounds will be artistic

interpretations of those soundscapes (by sampling the recordings and further explore them electronically).

Each selected soundscape will be assigned to objects that will be designed for this installation. Their careful placement in the space will require the audience to adopt strange, private, intimate, vulnerable positions around the objects in order to listen to the sounds coming out of them.

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