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Bending Melting Aching

Framed as a one-evening event that took place in the Horta Museum, part of the Brussels Museums Nocturnes, the show brought together site-specific works by artists Connor Schumacher and Sebastien Seynaeve.

Bending Melting Aching is about bending thoughts, melting sounds and aching time. Inspired by the legacy of Victor Horta, I wanted to incorporate in the spaces of his private house and studio two elements intrinsically connected to his work - music and movement.


Site-specific group exhibition

Horta Museum

Artists: Connor Schumacher, 

Sebastien Seynaeve, m·k

Brussels, BE

October 19, 2017

Photos by m·k, Sebastien Seynaeve

Sebastien Seynaeve’s audiovisual installation uses reworked recordings from inside & outside of Horta Museum in order to give the space an extra sense of presence that accompanies the past in a contemporary way.

Connor Schumacher’s performance stemmed from the artist’s wondering whether there is more potential in bending his own material, rather than prioritising linear, empirical thought.

***This event was made possible thanks to Brussels Museum Nocturnes 2017, Horta Museum,, Commune de Saint-Gilles***

© 2020 by m·k

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