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Apeiron is an instance of an infinite space confined in a finite space; it is a place for and/or of your mind, an abstraction of a mental space that confronts the limits of your own perception. 


Collaboration with Collective East

WASP Residency
Bucharest, RO

September-October 2014

Installation view

Photos by: Matei Niculescu

The colored light installation in the background “Colouring Space” is a project done by Lola Bezemer.

Apeiron is one of the interactive installations selected for being realised within the “Platforma X” cultural event. The project was developed during a one month international group residency organized by the 4Culture association and WASP - Working Art Space and Production in Bucharest, RO between August 25 and September 14 2014. Within this month, a series of interactive new and trans-media projects have been realized. The group exhibition was on view between September 14 until October 26, 2014 at WASP. 

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