As soon as we become motionless, we are elsewhere

An outdoor spatial installation that alludes to notions of isolation, solitude, togetherness, contemplation, imagination, mental space, and silence. 

Space, Sound


Soundtrack: Colin Stetson - Spindrift
Rick Witlox | © 2020 

“As soon as we become motionless, we are elsewhere” is the result of the first residency organized by TOT - “The Garden in Time” in the garden of the Ateliergebouw Oranjeboom in Rotterdam.


It is a spatial intervention that reflects on notions of isolation, solitude, togetherness, daydreaming, imagination, mental space and ultimately, silence. 

The installation consists of an ordered landscape of 12 instances of “sitting down”. Each of these islands explores a different manner of sitting with a different type of flooring.

The name of the installation is a direct quote from the book The poetics of Space by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard.


There is a sense of intimacy that belongs to the act of contemplation. When we contemplate or daydream, through the power of our imagination, we end up being in two places at the same time. When these spaces co-exist, the physical space where the body belongs slowly disappears, as the ‘elsewhere’ created by the mind takes over. 


I thought of this intervention as a frame for introspection and contemplation.

In the context of the current pandemic, I looked at different types of isolation - physical, visual, acoustic, mental - and how we have been experiencing that individually and collectively. 


We were, and maybe still are, alone, yet together; experiencing the same thing from different vantage points. When we all slowed down, the city was becoming more and more silent.


I find that music and sound are capable of bringing people together beyond space and time, an aspect which I was very eager to explore in my installation. 


I wanted to collaborate with musicians and sound artists and have them engage with the space. 

So, throughout the next four months, 4 sound & music performances will take place inside the installation. 


In time, nature will take over these spaces, which is another important aspect of the work.


It is an ode to the ‘elsewhere’; it is an act of empowering the intangible over the tangible.


Now that togetherness is being challenged, I chose to look at it as an archipelago of solitudes.


The installation is going to be open from the end of September until mid/end December 2020.

© 2020 by m·k