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#017 Prospects & Concepts 2020

Exhibition Design

2020, Rotterdam, NL | Collaboration: Tom Postma Design + 100ideas for Mondriaan Fund | Curator: Johan Gustavsson | Photos: Mark Niedermann | Status: Completed

For the 6th year in a row, we collaborated with Tom Postma Design in creating the spatial design for the exhibition Prospects & Concepts: a group exhibition of emerging artists supported by the Mondriaan Fund. 

For this edition, we worked closely with curator Johan Gustavsson in order to create a neutral spatial framework that can accommodate the diverse works of the 67 artists that have received the grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

The main challenge was to create an exhibition space that feels as light as possible given the amount and scale of the works. With that in mind, we framed the more intimate works together and offered the larger works, a bigger canvas. 

The decision of painting the walls in dark grey stemmed in the curator’s desire to reach a more museum-like presentation of the works, while offering a contrasting atmosphere from the rest of the fair. The choice of colour contributed to neutralizing the diversity of shapes, sizes, textures of the works that came together in this exhibition.


For the first time, the exhibition started in the elongated space of the hallway, then unfolded in a sequence of smaller spaces that eventually led the visitors to the main area of the show containing large-scale works.

With a prominent entrance, the exhibition offered multiple ways of walking through space. The spatial interventions were minimal as they aimed at giving more space to the works, and less constraints to the visitors.

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