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#018 citizenM PROJECTIONS 
at Art Rotterdam 2020

Entrance & Sound Design

2020, Rotterdam, NL | Collaboration: Tom Postma Design + 100ideas for citizenM | Photos: Mark Niedermann

Status: Completed

In early February 2020 at Art Rotterdam, the film and video art section underwent a makeover and has been transformed into citizenM Projections. citizenM, the hotel chain with art in its DNA, has been a partner of Art Rotterdam for years and thought it was time to redefine the collaboration.

For this occasion, together with Tom Postma Design we were commissioned to re-envision the entrance for the new space of citizenM Projections. 

The intervention was focused on creating a transitional space that is atmospheric and representative for the works shown inside. Accompanying the reflective material and the interactive led-strips, we worked on a drone composition. The soundscape was created as a mesh-up of different fragments from the videos projected inside.







Sound fragments sampled from the following video works part of citizenM Projections: 

Staging Silence (3) - Hans Op de Beeck / Qu'un sang impur - Pauline Curnier Jardin / Similitude - Steffani Jemison / In the Hands of Puppets - Sarah & Charles / TouchMETell - Melanie Bonajo / Walking and Talking - Hamza Halloubi / PANSPERMIA - Pinar & Viola / In Vitro - Larissa Sansour / Grid Corrections - Gerco de Ruijter / Anniversary of a Revolution (Parsed) - Broomberg en Chanarin

Samples from 3 poems by Herbert Huncke recorded in 1994, Belgium: On Language, The lights are shining on me, Listen to me.

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