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I am Mika Radescu and I am an architect specialized in exhibition design who grew up in the world of theater.

I am curious to artistically explore the world, the people and the interactions and dynamics between them.

I have a fascination for the dialectics between the permanent and the temporary.

I enjoy questioning what I am doing, what and how others are doing and thinking; this fuels my artistic practice.

Through my projects, and sometimes just scraps of ideas, I explore nuances and textures through sound, text and spatial interventions.

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09.-10. 2021—Karel Appel Inspiratie, Group show, galerieWind, Rotterdam, NL.

09. 2020-03. 2021—As soon as we become motionless, we are elsewhere, Duo show, TOT, Rotterdam, NL.

07.-09. 2020 —TOT - The Orange Tree art project, Residency, Rotterdam, NL 

09.2020—GRAW, Open studios, Rotterdam, NL



2010-2013 MSc Architecture at TU Delft, Delft, NL. 

2009-2010 ENSAV, Versailles, FR.

2005-2009 UAUIM, Bucharest, RO.

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