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#020 Prospects 2021

Exhibition Design

2021, Rotterdam, NL | Collaboration: Tom Postma Design + 100ideas for Mondriaan Fund | Curator: Johan Gustavsson | Photos: Jordi Huisman | Status: Completed

For the 7th year in a row, we collaborated with Tom Postma Design in creating the spatial design for the exhibition Prospects: a group exhibition of emerging artists supported by the Mondriaan Fund. 

The 2021 edition marked a special occasion in being one of the first major art world events to take place in the Netherlands in almost 18 months.

Spread across two locations on the site, the 2021 edition took into consideration the need for the audience to feel safe and comfortable - allowing visitors to linger amongst the artworks without concern.

With this in mind, visitors were welcomed into the first location by several strategically placed artworks, before entering the main exhibition space. Once inside, a spacious and airy circulation route unfolded, guiding visitors through the exhibition in one direction without imposing itself. Sightlines throughout the exhibition were designed to draw people further into the space.


Together with curator Johan Gustavsson, we wanted to reduce the number of temporary walls present in the second location, allowing the raw, industrial building to be more exposed.

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