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#015 Havana Biennial in Matanzas 2019

Art Biennial Design Consultancy

The conceptual platform for the 13th Biennial de La Havana under the theme The Construction of the Possible, proposes to be a stage for the exchange of ideas that prioritise the necessity for balance between society, culture and nature. The event is conceived as a space for artistic interventions based on the concept of art as a live event or an ongoing experience, extending beyond traditional notions of authorship and aesthetic autonomy.

María Magdalena Campos-Pons, an invited artist for the 13th Biennial de la Havana presents for the biennial her project “INTERMITTENT RIVERS”, a concept founded on the idea of transformative and the healing quality of traditional cultures in the region. 

Campos-Pons proposes to revitalise, and to heal the city through artistic gestures that will revive traditions and forgotten sites by creating artistic circuits that will empower the community and create cultural pride. An emphasis on social actions that will have a long-term impact on the city of Matanzas.  Campos-Pons proposes looking at the city with new eyes to reconsider its traditions, the prevalence of phantasmagoric and real memories as a subject for investigation, as a unique platform for analysis and new interpretations.

100ideas was invited to consult on the exhibition design for the over 60 international and national artists part of the curatorial project Intermittent Rivers directed by the artist María Magdalena Campos-Pons.