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#005 BiblioHUB

Research Project

2015-2017, Rotterdam, NL - Bucharest, RO
Team: 100ideas as part of Collective East 
Status: Initiation phase completed

BiblioHUB is a self-initiated project by 100ideas, as part of Collective East, and thought as an action-oriented initiative based on a multiple-staged international inter-disciplinary collaboration with the end goal of implementing an integrated design strategy for (re) activating the library network of The Metropolitan Library of Bucharest, Romania (BMB).


The key driving point of the project was the Dutch library model, as they represent an integral and strategic design model that comprises components of urbanism, architecture, design, services, staff, PR and branding in one coherent concept that is constantly evolving and thus surpasses the dated notion of the library (from typology and services, to its administrative independence).


In this scenario, we aimed to broaden the sphere of knowledge exchange, extend the DutchRomanian network of library-related experts, stimulate a pro-active interest in the Dutch values of innovation, quality oriented design and management of libraries within the Romanian context.


An instrumental step in kicking off the project was an exploration trip to Bucharest. As part of the initiation phase, the trip was meant to enable the team to gather first hand information, expand and consolidate the network of experts and stakeholders, as well as to promote the project locally.


This exploration trip was made possible by Stimuleringsfonds NL after receiving the International Explorations Grant in September 2015.

The booklet below is corroborating statistical data with spatial information, photo surveys, qualitative evaluations, as well as relevant models of Romanian and international initiatives.

To our knowledge, in 2017 it was the only source bringing together this type of information over the entire network of
the Bucharest Metropolitan Library. 

Uncovering the potential of the Bucharest Public Library

Project initiated and coordinated by 100ideas, as part of Collective East and developed in collaboration with:
IND [Inter.National.Design], SVESMI, Denis Stillewagt (NL) and ANBPR, Catalist, Zeppelin (RO) with continous support from The Metropolitan Library of Bucharest.

BiblioHUB Study

Edited by 100ideas, as part of Collective East

Graphic Design by Imanol Vena

Illustrations by Dan Perjovschi


Collective East team: 

Andrei Fanciali, Maria Ionescu, Matei Niculescu, Mihaela Rădescu, Radu Costăchescu, Tudor Costăchescu


The advice, support and direct contribution of the following persons is deeply appreciated:
Diana Antofie, Radu Apostol, Alex Axinte, Paul Baran, Roxana Bedrule, Giovanni Bellotti, Erik Boekestijn, Cristina Bogdan, Matei Bogoescu, Constantin Bădilă, Ioana Crihană, Matei David, Claudiu Forgaci, Anca Fronescu, Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Cristina Gușeth, Maria Gușeth, Maria Ionescu, Mihai Lupu, Dan Perjovschi, Felix Madrazo, Vera Marin, Mihaela Michailov, Doina Moșneag, Marina Neagu, Claudia Postelnicescu, Anca Râpeanu, Anamaria Sabou, Marian Staș, Denis Stillewagt, Alexander Sverdlov, Claudia Șerbănuţă, Andrei Șerbescu, Claudiu Tufiș, Cristina Văileanu, Imanol Vena, Ștefan Vianu, Ioana Vîrcolici.

This project together with the publication of the study were made possible thanks to the support of :
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